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WIndow Treatment Care

Expect personal customer service

Appreciate special cleaning instructions on behalf of Rossa's Made In The Shade Blinds. Protect your investment with simple tips.

Your blinds and shades will remain stylish and effective for years to come with basic maintenance. Never buy expensive products for cleanings!


No matter what type you have, you can quickly dust your blinds and shades with a feather duster or vacuum them with an upholstery attachment.

Basic steps for regular cleaning

- Wood blinds: clean with spray polish / soft cloth

- Vertical blinds, shutters, cellular shades: mild detergent / warm water/ blot dry with clean cloth; dry cleaning is not recommended

- Pleated shades: remove from window and lay flat / spray foam cleaner / damp sponge / pat dry with clean cloth; dry cleaning not recommended

Easily remove dirty stains

Get quality blinds on a budget! Pay discounted prices for durable shades and blinds -- better than those at the big box stores!  

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